6 Different Ways You Can Use a Nursing Pillow

BY Admin   October 23, 2017   Online Baby Store

One of the main reasons behind the popularity of nursing pillows is their ability to make breastfeeding an easy, comfortable and enjoyable experience for both mums and their little babies. However, they can also be used in many other ways that you might not aware of. Let’s take a look at a few things you can do with a feeding pillow:


The main use of a nursing pillow is to support the baby during breastfeeding. Bringing your newborn close to your breasts, a feeding pillow not only ensures a good latch but also helps your little one get the maximum amount of breast milk possible. A healthy latch = a pain-free feeding session.

Bottle Feeding:

A feeding pillow is a perfect item for bottle feeding, mainly for two reasons: first, you can feed single-handedly and second, to support your arm especially during long feed sessions. In fact, nursing pillows make it easy for other family members to feed your baby comfortably.

Butt Pillow:

Whether you have given birth to your baby via cesarean or vaginal delivery, soreness of the lady parts is natural. To avoid the pain, simply sit on the hole of the pillow and it will relieve pressure on the site of your incision. Thus, a nursing pillow emerges as a boon to those mothers who experience perineal tearing or abdominal incision.

Baby Snuggles:

Even when you aren’t feeding, you can use a nursing pillow to snuggle your little one in your lap. While holding your baby close is a wonderful thing, you can’t manage his weight for a long period of time. A feeding pillow supports your baby’s butt and thus saves your forearms, shoulders and back from pain.

Sibling Support:

Elder brothers and sisters love to keep the new baby close but due to nearly no upper body strength, they are not able to hold him properly in their little arms. Keeping the baby secure in siblings’ lap, a feeding pillow frees Mamas from the worry of baby falling from the lap.

Tummy Time:

Another way to use a nursing pillow is for tummy time in which you place your little one on his belly to play. As your baby spends most of his time on his back, reclining on the stomach can be a stressful experience for him. Propping your baby up, a breastfeeding pillow not only eases your baby’s tummy time but also play a vital role in strengthening his neck and back muscles.

Supported Sitting:

You won't believe but breastfeeding pillows were initially designed to help babies sit up on their own. Later, when mums started using them to support their infants during breastfeeding, they came to be known as feeding pillows. Creating a perfect little nest, a nursing pillow supports your baby’s back whenever he tries to sit on his own.

During Pregnancy:

Above all, you can take advantage of a nursing pillow to make your pregnancy easier, even before your little one arrives. Of course, you can place it behind your back as a cushion to get relief from pains and discomforts during the final trimester of your pregnancy.

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