Are Social Networking Sites Good For Children Or Not?

BY Admin   February 15, 2018   Social Networking Sites

Today, Facebook app is one of the most popular social networks in the whole world. It’s very fast and popular social network platform. It stands for millions of users, and that number of people is growing every day. It allows for an image, videos sharing and update photos, Status, feed the latest news, chat with another friend and search any person behalf of any reference. If you have the account on facebook then you can search for childhood friends, family member, and colleagues.

Nowadays there is a lot of noise in the social media market, Facebook is prominent of them. Many people are involved with this.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other social media sites are beneficial for children.Another hand, also unsafe.Letting young children adventure towards networking site is awful because it leads to many dangerous things. This mainly leads to unwanted people to add your account post unnecessary things on facebook profile.Some time face more problem like Someone hack facebook account after that misuse your profile forgot a password. Hence, that social networking is terrible for children.

Now, will discuss  Pros & Cons.

The Pros & Cons Of Children On Social Media

These are some important point about social networking……..


  • Social networking sites are good for children because they will be able to learn about technology and how they work. Especially in this age where technology is rapidly evolving. If children are exposed to this first, then they will get be able to get a head start on others and be able to better their future. Also, there are also online jobs that children can do when they grow up and become knowledgeable about technology.
  • They allow children to know about the digital world. This is very important in today's society if children are ready to know the new digital market through social networking.
  • According to business purposes facebook social media is beneficial for people because connected to another person for business deals.


  • The harsh reality is that our children when they use social media.Children are distracted own study, not focus on own work and longtime spend on Facebook.
  • Students who get involved in activities on social media sites while studying result in the reduction in their focus of attention. This causes a reduction in their academic performance, and concentration to study well.
  • The enormous use of these social sites affects the mental as well as physical health. Students do not take their meals on time. They take an excessive amount of coffee or tea to remain active and focused which effects on their health.

No social media is good or bad but it is dependent your mind setup and How are you using it.

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